Watch Repair

Simple Battery/Band Replacements to Full Restorations! With over 40 years of experience servicing high-grade timepieces, our qualified staff is able to meet all your needs.

Clock Repair

We are an Authorized Service Center for Howard Miller. We service all Makes and Models including, Mechanical Chime Clocks, Cuckoo Clocks and Grandfather Clocks. House Call Service is available for large Grandfather Clocks. We specilize in Herschede Tublar Clocks and Atmos Clocks.

Jewelry Repair

We perform all types of Jewelry Repair from Sizing Rings to making Custom Engagement Rings. We repair bracelets, earring rings, and necklaces in all metals – Gold, Platinum, and Silver.


Client Says

Here’s what our clients say about The Time Center

Great service. The owner is one of the polietest man I have ever met. The have a vast selection of used and new watches. The prices are also very reasonable. Highly recommended!

Ghias Ahmed

Outstanding skilled craftsmen. I just dropped off fourth time piece in as many years. They can fix clocks no one else can.

Thomas Craighead

First I took my watch with a solar cell to the watch shop in Chicago, close to where I live. I was advised that element has to be replaced and cost will be around a $100. As two weeks has passed, and watch was not repaired still I picked it up and took it to this place. Two gentlemen at the counter advised me to put watch in the sun for 2 hours first and then come back if that does not help. Two hours later my watch is up and running. I know I am not a pro when it gets to maintenance of watches, but they decided not to take advantage of that. I respect that. This is the second time I am visiting this shop. And I will make sure to always come here first in future.

Stan Khanyukov

This place is the best find. Such nice people. They do a wonderful job with watches, grandfather clocks etc. And, their pricing is very fair. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Susan Lawless